There were four mates... And one space knight, who failed his mission.

sci-fi  drama   adventures

"Glint" is my main and absolutely personal project. 
The comic is available online for free. I intend to keep it free accessible forever, while your support through Patreon allows me to spend even more time on creating Glint. I greatly appreciate your support – with your help I can focus on making my own stories, periodically update them and draw more detailed pages.

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Two friends explore various cognitive psychology studies related to their every-day life.

science in comics

It's a comic book based on scientific articles in the field of neuroscience. Two friends (psychology student and art student) explore various cognitive psychology studies related to their every-day life. They don't only retell the findings but discuss everything with the researches who conducted

the experiments.

Storywriter is Polina Krivykh, Master student, Moscow State University, major: cognitive psychology. Young scientist, was working at Daniel Schacter's lab (Harvard Psychology Department) and Clifford Woolf's lab (Harvard Stem Cell Institute). Popular science lecturer and writer, TEDx speaker.

We have already been included in list of science comics and Ivy Plus Libraries Global Webcomics Web Archive.

Edited by BOMBORA in 2019




Where the sun is dying slow we will meet again.

drama  experiment

«The Greatest Fraud» is an experimental project, graphic novel by Marina Evlanova. Inspired by the Bunraku music  band and published in collaboration with them. The reader can follow author’s feelings using QR-codes in the margins and see whether music interacts with the drawing. Though the plot itself forms an independent novel . Mixed media.

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«The Greatest Fraud» was announced at  Berrywater fest, October 12, Hlebozavod 9, Moscow. And then officially  presented at Bunraku concert, November 23rd in «Papa Vader» club, Moscow.

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